Tesla Solar Roof still needs work

April 29, 2021

Tesla Solar Roof has had a shakey roll out, CEO Elon Musk stated "significant mistakes" have lead to production slow down and price increases. The Tesla Solar Roof uses glass tiles embedded with solar cells to provide power to a home, serving as a replacement for more traditional solar panel systems. The problems Tesla has ran into range from roofs with multiple protuberances to the core roof not being strong enough to hold the Solar Roof. Tesla responded to the troubles its faced by offering Tesla Solar Roof customers free Tesla Powerwalls with roof purchases, Powerwalls are large installable batteries to capture and store the energy produced by roof tiles. The call wasn’t all glum news for Tesla’s solar products. The company deployed 92 megawatts of solar in the first quarter, a 163% increase when compared to the same time last year. In Q4 2020, Tesla deployed 86 megawatts. It was a slow down, definitely not brakes on the idea.